Alien Robots Slot

Alien Robots slot is all you need to know if you are a fan of all things robotic and you love to be in with the chance to turn your passion into big money prizes. This slot is out of this world and has a lot to offer a player from the 30 bet lines to the 243 bet ways, the possibilities are endless. From the first peek you can tell this is a fun packed slot that will take you on a journey to a whole new galaxy of winning combinations and huge cash prizes.

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redbet casino

Let’s start with the theme of this Net Entertainment video slot, the colours and graphics are striking and give off the vibe of a playful slot that will have you hooked within minutes. The symbols and animations are all unique to this casino slot, with the robots forming a robotic family on the slot reels. There is even a robotic alien dog in this fantastic video slot, as well as scatter symbols and wild symbols to blow you away. The futuristic sound effects are  not to be sniffed at either, as they help in flying you away to the far away galaxy that this game takes place in. In some ways it reminds me of a childhood cartoon favourite, The Jetsons. The cartoon was set in space with humans living with alien robots side by side. Alien Robots is the online casino version of this cult classic cartoon it seems!

Alien Robots slot has 5 reels to play on, with three rows and four features to make game play more interesting and money making. The features include wilds, expanding wilds, free spins and both bet lines and bet ways to choose from. You can bet on anything between 1 line up to 30 lines or you can even opt to play on all 30 lines plus 243 bet ways depending on how much you want to bet per spin of course. The minimum bet you can place, whilst still playing all 30 bet lines is 30 cents and the maximum is 75 euros, however if you want to activate the bet ways then your bet must be doubled. So to play at full value each bet would cost 150 euros.

Expanding Wilds on Alien Robots

Looking great is not the only thing Alien Robots has going for it though! It is also packed to the brim with features and cool stuff that you just need to play it to see what all the fuss is about. The first feature is a well known and loved feature that is found in all of the NetEnt slots; this is the wild symbol, it will take the place of any of the other symbols on the reels, with the one exception of the scatter symbol in this game. The wild symbol here is in the shape of a green headed alien with the word wild slashed across the bottom of the symbol. So when you are playing and you see this symbol it’s time to get excited as some winning combos will be coming you way!

The green alien wild symbols go that extra mile though, when the game is in free spin mode any wild symbols that appear on the reels of Alien Robots will automatically become expanding wilds. Expanding wilds are wilds that cover over the three rows in any one reel, giving three times more opportunities to match the symbols up in a bet line. Once an expanding wild is activated then it will remain in position for one extra spin before reverting back its usual size.

Alien Robots Free Spins

Alien Robots of course has its fair share of scatter symbols which lead you to arguably the most important part of the game, the free spins round. To enter into this round where all your spins are free and played at the same bet level as the spin that started it all off, you will need to gather three or more scatter symbols over the five reels. Most NetEnt slots do boast a free spin round, but Alien Robots free spins are that little bit more lucrative because you get the chance to win up to 50 free spins! Now that is a lot of spins which equals a lot of chances to win. Scatter symbols can be recognised firstly since they have a huge word stating scatter right across the symbol but also from the image of a UFO beaming down.

Some slots have bet lines and some have bet ways but Alien Robots is the game of the future and has both of these ways to win. The first way to win is by forming a bet line, which is having three or more symbols in one of the correct line formations. The other way you can win is to have three or more symbols in any of the 243 bet ways, this can be scattered across the reels in whatever way NetEnt have formed the bet ways. To activate the bet ways however you must be betting on the full 30 bet lines on offer in Alien Robots. Once you bet the maximum bet lines, and you click once more to activate the bet ways then your total bet will be doubled up. The chance to add extra free spins is also available if you land on three or more scatter symbols whilst already spinning for free on Alien Robots slot. Good Luck with this outer space game!